sha-LOM - Peace, Hi, Goodbye. Probably the most known Hebrew word
noun (.ז) | Peace ; Hello | SHA-LOM

Welcome to Ulpan Bayit. We are an independent Hebrew school located in the beating heart of Tel-Aviv. We offer small groups of all levels, for tourists, students and every person who wants to learn Hebrew.

“Bayit” means Home
We hold monthly community events for our students, their friends and their relatives – from Hebrew Karaoke parties, through our famous “Help your partners learn Hebrew” event, to Israeli movies with English subtitles on big screen.

“Bayit” means Home
All of our classes are small and cozy. Students sit around one table, in a lesson which is more of a continuous dialogue between the teacher and the students. Most of the elements inside the Ulpan are labelled with the name in Hebrew – a nice idea to try at home!

“Bayit” means Home
All of our teachers are certified Hebrew as a Foreign Language teachers. The entire Ulpan team is actively learning a language all the time as a group in order to remember how it feels to be a language student. We just finished level A of Russian, and now we are studying Arabic!


We have the best teachers. Seriously.

To ensure the best learning experience we hand picked the best Hebrew teachers. All of our teachers are certified Hebrew as a Foreign Language teachers by the Hebrew university in Jerusalem. We have tons of experience in teaching Hebrew. In order to improve some more, the entire team is constantly learning a new language together – so that we’ll always feel like students ourselves. Read more

  • נטע
    Our office manager and probably the first person you'll contact in the Ulpan. She is also a very talented photographer.
  • ירון
    The founder and manager of Ulpan Bayit. Started up Ulpan Bayit 4 years ago. The Ulpans source for education theory and methods, linguistics and music.
  • רז
    Gimmel level master - she knows how to make people speak Hebrew. In the process of becoming a bibliotherapist.
  • נואל
    Hebrew and English teacher for the past 10 years. An unbelievable source for language activities.
  • שירה
    A Hebrew teacher and a singer. Writing teaching materials for the Ulpan and making music with "The Hazelnuts".
  • מיה
    Level Aleph coordinator - an extremely experienced Hebrew teacher and also a music and singing teacher.
  • תמר
    Tamar is a Hebrew teacher, a translator from Chinese and an activist standing behind the initiative Layla Tov (Good Night) which aspires to make the nightlife in Israel fun and safe through a consensus of zero tolerance for sexual harassment.
  • פלג
    Pelleg is a very unique and dedicated teacher, splitting her time between the Ulpan as a Hebrew teacher, and a kindergarten for autistic children as a speech therapist. She is the best source for learning strategies and working on accent.
  • אירה
    Ira is one of the finest Bet teachers. She is both a teacher for the Bet level and the level coordinator - creating the syllabus and directing the Bet teachers. On top of that she is fluent in Russian and in English and has a very impressive spoken Arabic.
  • ארי
    Ari is one of the busiest people you'll meet - aside from being a fantastic Hebrew teacher Ari is a screen writer, opera director and a dancer in Yasmeen Godder's experimental dance projects. He is also bringing theatre to the Ulpan with his unique "Talking Objects" workshop.
  • עדיאל
    Adiel teaches the lower levels, and is a very beloved teacher. Teaching in the mornings and juggling as a drummer between some of Tel Aviv's most interesting alternative rock bands.
  • סנונית
    Snunit is one of our favorite Beginners teachers. Started being a teacher in east Jerusalem and then migrated to Tel Aviv to become a half dancer half Hebrew teacher.
  • נועה
    Noa is one special figure that comes to teach at the Ulpan all the way from Haifa. Before teaching at the Ulpan Noa used to prepare students for the Psychometric Test (Israel's SAT). Right now teaching Intermediate levels while working on her thesis.
  • נעמי
    Naomi is teaching the higher levels - Gimmel and beyond. A talented guide for Israeli culture, Naomi works on various projects about Tel-Aviv and it's unique subcultures.

The Levels

We divide our students into six levels (A1 – C2) following the European standard. It takes two to three courses to complete a level.

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Our Graduates Testimonials

We have collected what our students wrote about us on Facebook and on Google+.

Linda B.

Aleph+ Student

“To learn Hebrew in Ulpan Bayit was my best choice this summer! The team is amazing, the classes are well-organized and it’s so much fun to learn with those great people who are definitly more than just teachers!
The location is lovely and it’s always a nice atmosphere during the lesson.
I am really grateful about how much I have learned and improved my language skills within this month!
100% recommended!”

Ari F.

Gimmel Student

“Ulpan Bayit was one of the best language learning experiences I’ve had. It’s hard to overstate how much I learned and how much fun the learning experience was. Yaron and his crew are are a bunch of very fun, very talented Hebrew teachers, not to mention very friendly people. If you’re planning on being in Tel Aviv for an extended period of time — regardless of your Hebrew level — you should check out some classes, because you will learn a lot very quickly.”

Salome G.

Aleph+ Student

“Ulpan Bayit is an absolutely wonderful place to learn Hebrew! The atmosphere is great and the teachers are very nice and helpful. I learnt so much in only 4 weeks, we were able speak a lot during class and we wrote many small texts which helped me improve not only my written but also spoken Hebrew. I would recommend Ulpan Bayit for any level of Hebrew. You can easily improve your Hebrew and attend many interesting and fun events at the Ulpan. I hope to be back soon!”

Hallie G.

Bet+ Student

“I have been absolutely blown away by the quality of Ulpan Bayit. Most importantly, the learning environment is one of great support and fun, but also one that pushes students to work very hard and apply themselves in ways that will be conducive to growth and success with acquiring Hebrew proficiency. Across the board, the teachers are highly dedicated, motivated, and passionate, and that makes for a really fun learning environment . It is clear to me that the head of the ulpan, Yaron, pours his heart and soul into maximizing the success and enjoyment of his students, and that the teachers are highly trained and know what they are doing. I genuinely couldn’t recommend this ulpan more highly!”

Pia H.

Aleph+ Student

“I left a bit fast and didn’t find time to say goodbye and THANK YOU to all the team of the lovely Ulpan Bayit. Being a student at Ulpan Bayit really made me feel home (that’s what Bayit means) and not lost in the city. The vibes, the smiles of everyone, the friendly dogs, the kitchen. Everything was made to feel good. Conferences and events were also very interesting. Thanks for the everyday help and advices and above all, I confirm Ulpan Bayit has the best Hebrew teachers! I was so impressed by their skills and their ability of keeping us so focus for 3 hours a day and for a month. And they were serious and fun at the same time and always available to help after class. Ulpan Bayit is definitely more than an Ulpan I wish I could find again a free month in my life to be able to come back!

Meet Our Students

If you want to understand better what Ulpan Bayit is like, and how do our students speak after taking different levels, then listen to them for yourself – Jannelle who did from Aleph+ to Dalet; Luna, Maya and Claudia who did together Aleph to Aleph++; and Yonah who finished Gimmel+. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer?
Hebrew classes for all levels, in short fast paced Hebrew courses.
How are you different?
We are not going to waste your time. Our courses are short and efficient. You don’t have to commit to 5-6 months in a row, but can learn for a while, take a break, and join us again. We are checking every students level to make sure we have balanced classes, and our main focus is pedagogics. We LOVE to teach and we KNOW how to do it!
Are you a municipal Ulpan?
Absolutely not – we are not limited by the ministry of education, and therefore we can create our unique atmosphere: our Hebrew courses are limited to 8-12 students and we don’t involve religion and ideology in classes. We purely teach Hebrew, in the best way possible.
What are you prices?
Our price is about 33 NIS per 45 minutes (learning unit) – which is the standard price for language courses in Israel. A morning course consists of 80 learning units, and costs 2770 NIS accordingly, evening classes are a little more expensive and cost 2450 NIS for a course of 66 learning units. Books usually cost another 100 NIS, and go with you to 2-3 courses.
How do you know how to teach?
We are a group of highly skilled and experienced Hebrew teachers. We are all certified by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem program for Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language.
Who is your average student?
It’s hard to say we have such a profile – we have many people from all around the globe and a very international atmosphere. Many of our students are partners of Israelis who came to Israel, embassy workers and other types of international workers, exchange students, new immigrants and people who just want to study Hebrew. The age range is wide although most students are in their twenties or thirties.

Hebrew Resources

Looking for easy Hebrew texts to improve your language? We’ve created a growing library of super interesting texts in various levels, which include an audio recording and a built in dictionary – enjoy!  

So Where Do I Sign Up?

I know my level

Just pick your level from the courses list on the site’s menu. For each level you’ll find all of the available courses and time tables. You can also choose your level from the levels list.

I don't know my level

 Jump to our online level assessment and take our online tests, or if you prefer just contact us using the form below and set a level assessment with us (you can come to the Ulpan or ask us to call you).