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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer?
Hebrew classes for all levels, in short fast paced Hebrew courses.
How are you different?
We are not going to waste your time. Our courses are short and efficient. You don’t have to commit to 5-6 months in a row, but can learn for a while, take a break, and join us again. We are checking every students level to make sure we have balanced classes, and our main focus is pedagogics. We LOVE to teach and we KNOW how to do it!
Are you a municipal Ulpan?
Absolutely not – we are not limited by the ministry of education, and therefore we can create our unique atmosphere: our Hebrew courses are limited to 8-12 students and we don’t involve religion and ideology in classes. We purely teach Hebrew, in the best way possible.
What are you prices?
Our price is about 33 NIS per 45 minutes (learning unit) – which is the standard price for language courses in Israel. A course consists of 80 learning units, and costs 2670 NIS accordingly. Books usually cost another 100 NIS, and go with you to 2-3 courses.
How do you know how to teach?
We are a group of highly skilled and experienced Hebrew teachers. We are all certified by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem program for Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language.
Who is your average student?
It’s hard to say we have such a profile – we have many people from all around the globe and a very international atmosphere. Many of our students are partners of Israelis who came to Israel, embassy workers and other types of international workers, exchange students, new immigrants and people who just want to study Hebrew. The age range is wide although most students are in their twenties or thirties.
Can I get around in Israel knowing only English?
In Tel Aviv and its satellites, and in Jerusalem and Haifa you’ll find many English speakers. English is taught in every school from a young age, and yet in many small towns older people don’t always know English.
Is Hebrew more difficult to learn than other languages?
Depending on your native language, the sound and structure of Hebrew may seem unusual, but it’s no more difficult to learn than any other language. You’ll have to learn a new Alphabet which is a little hard at first, but in fact, many aspects of Hebrew are easier than other languages, there are less irregularities and tenses, and a beautiful structure that stands behind the language.
Do you give any discounts?
We really appreciate students who sign up in advance for more than one course. If you sign up on our website to two courses please use this coupon to get a 3% discount: 3percent2courses or this 5% discount coupon in case you are signing up to three courses or more: 5percent3courses. If it’s your fourth course let us know and we’ll add you to our list of long time friends to receive a discount of 5%.
I made Aliyah – can I use my voucher with you?
For now the answer is no. There is a chance that in the future we’ll decide to work with the immigration office, but for now we actually prefer everyone to pay. Paying students are just more motivated, and that’s a lesson we learned from being teachers in other Ulpans that mix paying and non-paying students (it’s a mess, don’t ask).