Frequently Asked Questions

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What do you offer?
Hebrew classes for all levels, in short fast paced Hebrew courses.
How are you different?
We are not going to waste your time. Our courses are short and efficient. You don’t have to commit to 5-6 months in a row. You can learn for a while, take a break, and join us again. We check every student’s level to make sure we have balanced classes, and our main focus is Hebrew. We LOVE to teach and we KNOW how to do it!
Are you a municipal Ulpan?
Absolutely not – we are not limited by the ministry of education, and therefore we can create our unique atmosphere: our Hebrew courses are limited to 8-12 students and we don’t involve religion and ideology in classes. We purely teach Hebrew, in the best way possible.
What are your prices?
Our price is about 55 NIS per 45 minutes (academic hour) – which is the standard price for language courses in Israel. A morning course consists of 72 academic hours, and costs 3600 NIS accordingly, evening and online classes cost 3450 NIS for a course of 60 academic hours. Starting October 2022 book price is included.
How do you know how to teach?
We are a group of highly skilled and experienced Hebrew teachers. We are all certified by the program for Teaching Hebrew as a Foreign Language, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, or by our own teachers training program that we started on 2020!
Who is your average student?
It’s hard to say we have such a profile – we have many people from all around the globe and a very international atmosphere. Many of our students are partners of Israelis who came to Israel, embassy workers and other types of international workers, exchange students, new immigrants and people who just want to study Hebrew. The age range is wide although most students are in their twenties or thirties.
Can I get around in Israel knowing only English?
You’ll find many English speakers in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, and in Jerusalem and Haifa. English is taught in every school from a young age. Outside of the urban areas it may be harder to get along without speaking Hebrew, and the daily bureaucracy will require Hebrew as well.
Is Hebrew more difficult to learn than other languages?
Depending on your native language, the sound and structure of Hebrew may seem unusual, but it’s not more difficult to learn than any other language. In fact, many aspects of Hebrew are easier than other languages, as there are less irregularities and tenses. You will learn a new Alphabet, which is a little hard at first, but will you to lead to the beautiful structure that stands behind the language.
Do you give any discounts?
We really appreciate students who sign up in advance for more than one course. Signing up in advance to two courses will grant you a 6% discount, three courses – 9%, four courses – 12% and five courses – 15%. Alternatively, if it’s your third course with us, let us know and we’ll add you to our list of long time friends to receive a 3% discount. Bring a friend and you both get 200 NIS discount.
I made Aliyah – can I use my voucher with you?
For now the answer is no. There is a chance that in the future we’ll decide to work with the immigration office, but for now we actually prefer everyone to pay. Paying students are just more motivated, and that’s a lesson we learned from being teachers in other Ulpans that mix paying and non-paying students (it’s a mess, don’t ask).
Can the Ulpan help with my Visa to Israel?
We would love to have you here as an Ulpan Bayit student but unfortunately, we do not provide or help in any way with Visas. According to the Israeli law, a language course cannot be a reason for a Visa, and Student Visas are given only to University students. 
Do you offer accommodation?
Our complex has classes, a kitchen and a space for events, but no housing arrangement. Most of our students search for sublets. You can find many Facebook groups for that – Sublet in Tel Aviv, Sublet in Florentin, Secret Tel Aviv, etc…
There are also several nice hostels in the area: Abraham’s Hostel, Milk and Honey Hostel, Florentin House, and many more.
Can I register for a class and pay later?
We try to provide as many paying options as possible. You can sign up for class and select “Offline Payment”, and we will save your seat for 48 hours. Then you can come pay here at the Ulpan in cash.
You can pay in credit card with up to 4 instalments, but unfortunately dividing the payment into payments works only with Israeli credit cards. Please contact us if you wish to pay in a few instalments.
I completed your level test and I’m still unsure about my level
We put a lot of effort into making sure that every student studies at the level best suited for him or her. In addition to our level test, we regularly set up level assessments talks with our teachers. This can be done here at the Ulpan, or via Whatsapp, and will help you decide which class is right for you. Just ask for a level assessment and we’ll schedule one for you
Can I attend half a course?
We do not offer private lessons. Our shortest course is 4 weeks long. We ask our students to attend all the classes in their course in order to finish it and to get our certification. If you don’t have enough time and want to participate in only a part of the course you can, BUT – you will have to pay full price for the course, and you are allowed to do so only if you miss the second part of the course and by no means its beginning.
Do you offer private lessons?
In general the answer is no. Private lessons is just not a part of our services. In most cases people don’t actually need private lessons and group lessons are a lot, A LOT, more effective. It allows students to communicate with people that are at the same level as them, and has a lot of other benefits as well. Private lessons are useful especially when there is a gap between different language abilities – such as being able to speak without reading or writing and vice versa. In special cases and in case our students are in need for private lessons for different reasons we try to help arranging that, but we cannot guarantee anything :0