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Our Teachers

All our teachers have the very best training: the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s program for Hebrew Teaching as a Foreign Language. Young, experienced and enthusiastic, our teachers are all passionate about the Hebrew language, be they artists or researchers.
We use the classic Ulpan Method: speaking only Hebrew from day one. This is a world-known method that has been adopted by many countries for teaching any language. No matter what your level or background, by only using Hebrew from the first day you are guaranteed to start speaking after a short amount of time.

  • נטע
    Our office manager and probably the first person you'll contact in the Ulpan. She is also a very talented photographer.
  • ירון
    The founder and manager of Ulpan Bayit. Started up Ulpan Bayit 4 years ago. The Ulpans source for education theory and methods, linguistics and music.
  • רז
    Gimmel level master - she knows how to make people speak Hebrew. In the process of becoming a bibliotherapist.
  • נואל
    Hebrew and English teacher for the past 10 years. An unbelievable source for language activities.
  • שירה
    A Hebrew teacher and a singer. Writing teaching materials for the Ulpan and making music with "The Hazelnuts".
  • מיה
    Level Aleph coordinator - an extremely experienced Hebrew teacher and also a music and singing teacher.
  • תמר
    Tamar is a Hebrew teacher, a translator from Chinese and an activist standing behind the initiative Layla Tov (Good Night) which aspires to make the nightlife in Israel fun and safe through a consensus of zero tolerance for sexual harassment.
  • פלג
    Pelleg is a very unique and dedicated teacher, splitting her time between the Ulpan as a Hebrew teacher, and a kindergarten for autistic children as a speech therapist. She is the best source for learning strategies and working on accent.
  • אירה
    Ira is one of the finest Bet teachers. She is both a teacher for the Bet level and the level coordinator - creating the syllabus and directing the Bet teachers. On top of that she is fluent in Russian and in English and has a very impressive spoken Arabic.
  • ארי
    Ari is one of the busiest people you'll meet - aside from being a fantastic Hebrew teacher Ari is a screen writer, opera director and a dancer in Yasmeen Godder's experimental dance projects. He is also bringing theatre to the Ulpan with his unique "Talking Objects" workshop.
  • עדיאל
    Adiel teaches the lower levels, and is a very beloved teacher. Teaching in the mornings and juggling as a drummer between some of Tel Aviv's most interesting alternative rock bands.
  • סנונית
    Snunit is one of our favorite Beginners teachers. Started being a teacher in east Jerusalem and then migrated to Tel Aviv to become a half dancer half Hebrew teacher.
  • נועה
    Noa is one special figure that comes to teach at the Ulpan all the way from Haifa. Before teaching at the Ulpan Noa used to prepare students for the Psychometric Test (Israel's SAT). Right now teaching Intermediate levels while working on her thesis.
  • נעמי
    Naomi is teaching the higher levels - Gimmel and beyond. A talented guide for Israeli culture, Naomi works on various projects about Tel-Aviv and it's unique subcultures.