Terms and Conditions

PRICES: A morning course consists of 72 academic hours and costs 3,600 NIS, evening and online classes cost 3450 NIS for a course of 60 academic hours. A student can’t start a course without settling his/her payment. A seat in a class will not be saved without a full payment.

CLASS SIZE: For in-person courses, the minimal number of students per class is 6 and the maximal amount is 12. For online classes, the minimal number is 4 students, and the maximal number is 8.

PREREQUISITES: For any other level than complete beginners (Aleph) students are expected to know how to read and write in Hebrew (both print and cursive letters).

LESS THAN MINIMUM: In the seldom case that the class does not reach the minimal number of students at the registration deadline, we will offer the registered students to reduce the total amount of hours by 25-50%, while keeping the same tuition, in order to still open the course, but increase the pace for the small number of students.

DELAY: In case not enough students register we might delay the class starting date in up to two weeks. In case we change the date, a registered student is allowed to cancel his/her participation without penalty.

LEARNING MATERIALS: All learning materials are included in the tuition.

HOMEWORK: It is mandatory to do homework, as homework is an important part of studying. Students who don’t do homework are slowing down the progress of the group.

PICTURES OF OUR STUDENTS: From time to time the Ulpan staff might take photos of our students and use them in social media, our website and sponsored content.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If the cancellation is made more than 14 business days (Sunday-Thursday) before the course starts, you will receive a full refund minus 100 NIS administration fee.
Any cancellation requested 14 business days or less before the course starts, will receive a partial refund according to the following steps:

  • More than 14 business days: A full refund minus 100 NIS.
  • 14 business days to 7 business days before the course starts: A full refund minus 500 NIS.   
  • 6 business days to 3 business days before the course starts: A 50% refund.
  • 3 business days or less: No refund.


FIRST DAYS: Students who miss the first days of the Aleph course will have to cover the material through private lessons at a cost of 200 NIS per hour.

LEVEL ASSESSMENTS: All new students are required to do a level assessment with one of our teachers. If the teacher instructs a certain amount of private lessons to be done before the course in order to reach a certain level, and the student guarantees that he/she will do them, but does not reach the required level at the beginning of the course, there will be no refund offered.

MISSING CLASSES: It is highly recommended not to miss lessons. Students who miss more than 3 classes might be required to do private lessons in order to get back to class. If you have to miss the first lessons let us know in advance.

REFUNDS: A full refund applies only if you cancel 14 working days prior to the classes scheduled starting date. Nevertheless a 100 NIS refund administration fee will be charged.

EXCEPTIONS: In the sad event of a bereavement, we wish to help you, not add to your troubles. Immediate family members will be entitled to a full refund (minus the refund administration fee) on presentation of a copy of the death certificate.

BEHAVIOR: A student who is found stealing from the Ulpan or from the teachers and students, harming or harassing, physically or verbally, the Ulpans assets, teachers or students, will be expelled immediately without any refund, and will be subjected to a lawsuit.

RESPONSIBILITY/LIABILITY: Students are responsible for their own personal belongings. Ulpan Bayit is not responsible for stolen, lost or damaged items belonging to students. Ulpan Bayit is not liable to you for any injury, death, costs related to medical treatment, or costs related to repatriation or for any other losses, damages (whether direct or indirect), compensation, costs or expenses.[/cs_content_seo]