Israeli Movies With English Subs

We’ve collected some beautiful Israeli movies to watch on your free time – all the movies we brought here are available in the links below and have English subtitles!

The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev / A film by Tal Barda and Noam Pinchas

A modern-day Shakespearean tale about a famous Tajik musical family, controlled by the charismatic, funny yet overbearing patriarch, Papa Alaev, who at the age of 80 is starting to lose his grip on the ‘family business’, sending them on a rigid and unsure transition from Monarchy to Democracy.

Password: papa_for_forum

The Self Deception Artist / Directed by Maya Zaydman

A documentary cabaret about the musical journey of indie musician Yehu Yaron as he prepares to release his second album. In his songs about love, birth and disease, Yehu reveals the things he can’t talk about except through his music. This is a journey into the innermost nooks and crannies of the creative process, from the writing of songs to the album release concert. An intimate portrait of an artist, whose personal life infiltrates and shapes his work.

I Saw Giraffes in India / A film by Noam Pinchas

In 2008, terrorist attacks derail an Israeli folk-rock band’s plan to give a concert in Goa, India, and send them on a search for other Israelis who may have fled the region.

Before My Feet Touch the Ground / A film by Daphi Leef

A young Israeli named Daphni looks back on the time she went from a naive demonstrator to the figurehead of a national protest movement.

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