Pearls of Florentine: Markolet – The Coolest Neighborhood Guide

A city is made out of it’s neighborhoods, and each has its own unique character.

Markolet is an alternative city guide that shows what’s getting lost in the big picture, and reveals the hidden parts, the local history, the folklore and the community, as well as the restaurant, cafes and craftsmen that make each neighborhood unique. It’s intended for every person who wishes to experience his own neighborhood like a tourist, or to wonder in other neighborhoods like a local.

Markolet is written for and with the help of local communities – and they’ll be more than happy to receive more stories, tips, photos and local secrets. Send them an email – they read everything!

Ulpan Bayit has helped a lot with the creation of the neighborhood guides for Florentine and Levinsky, and we are happy to share Markolet’s tips for our two Neighborhoods here in our blog!

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