Is Israel Proud Of Its LGBT Community? Ulpan Bayit Talks hosts Imri Kalmann

On Wednesday, July 18th, Israel has passed a law denying gay couples of the right to surrogacy. At the same time Israel is using it’s LGBT community to show the liberal side of our country around the world. But what rights do gay people actually have in Israel? Is Israel’s use of the community misleading? And where are we heading now that laws are being passed against the LGBT community?

On Sunday, July 22nd, the LGBT community in Israel went for a national strike for the first time ever.Two days later we hosted Imri Kalmann, a social activist and former co-chairperson of the Israeli LGBT Association for a talk exactly about that!

Imri Kalmann was chosen by The Marker Magazine as one of 40 most promising young people of 2015, for his political and nightlife activities, and in 2016, he was chosen by the website Mako as one of the most influential people in the gay community in Israel. He is an entrepreneur and a Tel Aviv nightlife personality who has opened several successful clubs in the city, and was elected co-chairperson of the LGBT Association in 2015.

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